a Steampunk roleplay story in New Babbage

New Babbage Chronicles is a roleplay event held in the Steampunk City of New Babbage on Second Life.

Each event is about 24 hours long and starts with a hunt for clues that uncover story and information required for the live roleplay encounter at the end of the event. 

During the clue hunt you can roleplay with friends or other investigators while you search for the clues. During the final encounter you may take part in helping your fellow role-players in achieving the goal revealed in the clue hunt, or you can simply watch what unfolds.

Every event will start at the Babbage Chronicles Office by talking to Mr Goodbee

(click the picture for the location of Babbage Chronicles in Second Life)

During 2021 there will be THREE Babbage Chronicles events.


12th & 13th of June

Clue Hunt opens Sat 12th  - 1pm slt      •      Final RP encounter Sun 13th - 1pm slt 

25th & 26th of September

Clue Hunt opens Sat 25th  - 1pm slt      •      Final RP encounter Sun 26th - 1pm slt 

In the old days we used to run months long role-play campaigns but times have changed, time is shorter, so we are experimenting with smaller events and hoping those who decide to join in have fun.

Of course this may very well not work at all…. but we will see how it goes :)

What could possibly go wrong?